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!!! Drugs In My Locker: Episode 5: The Truth. Introducing new character, Air Duster McGee !!!

Welcome to the ASK Films home page, providing homemade entertainment since 2002. Contents of the site include; Full Animated cartoons, Games, and Computer Programs (executable .exe files). The links to the right provide the appropriate page for what content you wish to view. ASK Films founder and President, Adam S. Killingbeck, would like to thank you for choosing ASK Films for your internet entertainment.

New Releases!

Animated Series
  • Drugs In My Locker; Ep 5: The Truth
  • Bibles & Bigamy: Ep 2: At the Store

  • Applications
  • Evony Distance Calculator
  • Evony Troop Calculator

  • Now You Can Be Famous!

    If you have a Flash (.swf) you made that you want hosted, Click Here. You must send the cartoon through Email to the ASK Films moderator, where it will then be reviewed. If approved the ASK Films Logo will be added to the very end of the cartoon. All creation writes are given to you and it will be viewable under the Toons page, in the Tab entitled "Cartoons."

    ASK Films Staff

  • Adam Killingbeck: Animations/Games/Software/Voice/Audio/Site Moderating
  • Jeremy Killingbeck: Animations/Software/Audio/Editing
  • Lewis Hulton: Voice/Audio
  • Mike Buttino: Animations/Voice/Audio
  • Anna Killingbeck: Voice
  • Aaron 'TOF' Ludwig: Site Moderator/Advertising

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